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We want healthcare professionals and medical students to try the NotesFirs+™ app on a free trial and be part of our prescription for healthcare innovation.

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Introducing NotesFirs+

NotesFirs+ is a smartphone application and cloud service that enables healthcare professionals and students to capture & manage clinical notes in real-time, at the point of care and on-the-go.

“I like your app and I find it very useful for my purposes: a register of pregnant patients with special condition – fetal anomalies, carcinoma, PE, study cases.”
T. Premru, MD

With the NotesFirs+ app you can capture notes, manage your tasks and share your data in a way that fits in with your own workflow, reducing the time you spend on documentation so you can provide care and treat your patients on your own terms.

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We want to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals capture, manage & share patient data.


We use the latest technologies in data encryption and adhere to HIPAA standards to ensure that your data is protected and secured.

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